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…WHERE’s the book about Amazing  



Role Models should start in the Family! 


GET BUZZY for Family Matters, because FAMILY MATTERS !! 


GET BUZZY - Family Joint Ventures



A book about you in the

GET BUZZY EDUCATION - Role Model Series & G.A.T.E.S. Goals Program




*This Opportunity is to have a book named after

YOU or your Role Model, Parents, Grand-parents,

Family, Friends, Business, Church, Best Employee

You can use it to Advertise your Business …

…and more than anything be

a Role model for kids !!!



Kids need Role Models and where ideally that should start …. Is parents. Imagine a book about you, that gives some of your challenges and Triumphs.

Many have Grand-parents who fought in a war or knows a parent who brought up kids on their own they are all achievements to be proud of.



Get Buzzy

“Reality Role Model” E-books and printed by Joe C Estrada

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This can offer a passive / residual income

You get 50/100 copies for yourself.

Advertise your business – be on sale online and in shops !! The scope is immense … Contact Me !!


Learn the LATEST for your kids & family’s future … NOW and for TODAY !!


Get Buzzy is an umbrella of people and organisations that have the latest information to help give kids and the family,

“Family – Financial education, Health & Happiness and Wealth in all areas”.

This knowledge is important for our kids, so that they learn NOW for their FUTURE !!!

The latest words from the government on education is “Enterprise Education”

Get Buzzy has developed materials and programs that can be introduced to kids of all ages. And for adults, here’s some information you did not get at school.    

PLEASE: Book on line for FAMILY table priority seating at and further information.


GET BUZZY – Brings together the practical people, tools and knowledge for harmony of FAMILY FUTURE FORTUNE and all of our hopes for a better world