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Get Buzzy Reading list


For the searching mind … my reads:


  • Richard Branson
    Joe Says "It will remind you of the fun inside you and how to bring it out to Win !"
  • Chin Ning Chu
    Joe Says "A beautiful life skills book."
  • Stephen R Covey
    Joe Says "This reminds you that you were born to fulfil a mission."
  • Dr Wayne W Dyer
    Joe Says "If you want to unleash your spirit and live…"
  • Bill Gates
    Joe Says "The depth of research that went into this book gets you to think deeply about many things."
  • John Gray
    Joe Says "As the book says if you want to know about your partner …read this."
  • Robert Greene and Joost Elffers
    Joe Says "For me it reminded me of the Ying and Yang of life."
  • Tom Hopkins
    Joe Says "This goes far beyond its title to all areas of life."
  • Jonar C Nader
    Joe says "Think things you’ve never thought, but should…"
  • Robert Kiyosaki
    Joe Says "More than just a future a reminder for what you need to do now."
  • Bruce Lee
    Joe Says "Timeless principles, laws and passion."
  • John Maxwell
    Joe Says "This book and the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership are a start to great leadership."
  • Donald Trump
    Joe Says "Persistence and time will reveal the rewards for your efforts. Self discipline and you can be unbelievable & get more done than think you can. Think of debt and I think of Donald Trumps overcome debts to give perspective."