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The Magical Achievement Tree

This fun and interactive with family, tree and 10 easy points gets kids thinking of what they've achieved ... to what they want for their future...

Watch them get excited .... with your help you can help and guide them to achieve their dreams as goals.


Millionaire Mind at 9

Millionaire mind at 9  DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW! CLICK HERE

At 36 I was introduced to goals...I should have started learning this skill at 9 years old.

This workbook is the next step to planning in more detail what your children want to achieve.

"They say a survey was done of students in a college and only 3% wrote down their goals and that 3% achieved together more than the other 97%. Now it's down to choice, "write out your goals" or whether you want to take the chance.


Family Financial Education Starter Pack

21st Century FAMILY FINANCIAL EDUCATION starter pack

The Magical Financial Health & Education tree - Build better financial choices by having "Multiple Income Streams" and grow your financial education and knowhow throughout your life.

Wealth I.Q at 5 - This is a simple introduction in words and pictures of the many choices you have to create financial healthiness and some ideas on the education that is available. With simple plans and thought provoking text.

"Don't work hard for money, have your money work hard for you"    - "There's good debt and bad debt...learn the difference".


G.A.T.E.S. Goals program by Joe C Estrada

To achieve your goals you have to go through many gates.

Many know the G - Goals and S - the Success at the end, but on the way have you "A.T.E." enough, if not then you do not achieve their goals. 

GATES goals program is a UNIQUE 2008 PRACTICAL goals process for the "school room to the corporate boardroom".

Go through the GATES - then learn how to go AROUND, OVER, UNDER or find the hole in the fence !!!! 


 Martial Arts Mind at 5

Martial Arts mind at 5 ( 5 is because the author is 50 plus) Joe C Estrada

This is a bit about my story, i wrote it for kids, because I am still one in my heart.

Kids are amazing - if you're a parent like me "You know what I mean" they can do amzing things in their life, Help them unleash their potential.

I like the words "Kids are a blessing to us to learn from" gifts from God.