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Who is Chin Ning Chu

Chin-Ning Chu is a descendant of the pauper who became the first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. At the age of three, Chin-Ning was forced to leave behind her family’s fortune flee to Taiwan as a refugee. At the age of ten, her father began to teach her strategies by reading from the text of the ancient Chinese art of war classics as bedtime stories. In high school, she became a novice at a Catholic convent until her father dragged her home. At college, while a full-time student, she worked as a television actress and then as a marketer for one Taiwanese and two European pharmaceutical companies. Being a natural-born entrepreneur with superb sales abilities, her earnings at the time were triple that of her professors. At the age of twenty-two, clutching two suitcases, again, she left home to come to America, struggling with a new language and culture.

Today, Chin-Ning is one of the foremost speakers on the practical application of Sun Tzu's Art of War and a promoter of strategic thinking as the core competency among leaders of government and corporations worldwide. She collaborated with Discovery Television and the U.S. Library of Congress on the production of their Great Books Series: Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Now, Chin-Ning is a number one best-selling author throughout Asia and Australia where her books have out-sold Hilary Clinton and Tony Robbins Her books: The Art of War for Women; Thick Face, Black Heart; Do Less, Achieve More; and The Asian Mind Game have been translated into twenty five languages with readers in over sixty countries. Her readers include a number of influential political and business leaders like A. G. Lafley, Chairman of Proctor & Gamble; Dr. Mahathir, the Prime Minister of Malaysia; James Baker, U.S. Secretary of State; and John Major, the Prime Minster of England.

Her work is highly praised by the media across five continents including USA Today, Business Week, the United Kingdom's Financial Times, China's People Daily, Australia's Financial Review and Brazil's ISTO E. When the world encountered collisions such as the caning incident in Singapore, CNN's CrossFire turned to Chin-Ning for understanding. As North Korea provoked the U.S. in their threat of nuclear escalation, Chin-Ning debated both Senator John Kerry and General Scrowcroft and, against their arguments, predicted the correct outcome on Larry King Show. When China, Japan and the U.S. were facing trade and political conflicts, The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News came to Chin-Ning for solutions.

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