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At Get Buzzy our aim is to provide through research the most up to date practical teachable information. This material is here to help you teach and improve the lives of other people, especially children in the areas of finance & money education, healthy living, life skills and thought provoking text.    


Through numerous groups and networking events with many like minded people we take their information and resources and give you choices you may not be aware of. 


Years ago I heard that “the world needs more good leaders … what a worthwhile challenge for and in the home and in global business that is. 

I became inspired to take what I have learnt (and continue to refine) and formed “Get Buzzy & Get”.


I believe ( and I have found so many likeminded people on this journey) that if we can with and as parents help to nurture and unleash KIDS potential then we can all create an amazing future world.  


From the experience of teaching others and personal challenges came “The Magical Achievement Tree and The Magical Financial Health & Education Tree”.  This is to give kids a START too achieving their goals and it is to get kids to know and learn from their parents experiences and   knowledge. 


There are parental skills that I wish to improve and through endeavouring to be a good parent and role model this makes me question myself and improve where necessary.  I like the words that I heard and that is “that children are a gift from god, for us to learn from”. 


From years of teaching and interacting with kids and from my own kids, you realise that kids are intuitive, problem solvers, big creative thinkers and we can all help them realise, unleash and nurture them to do amazing things. There is information available NOW in the 21st century that is up to date and this technology if taught and embraced can give a better future in society.